Spray Dryer

Working Principle:
Liquid material is atomized through a special pressure nozzle with a high-pressure pump. Hot air enters the dryer after being adjusted by an air distributor. The material and hot air is mixed in the dryer, rapidly carries on heat and mass transfer. Powder or granular products are produced in a very short time. Products with larger particles size are discharged form the bottom of the dryer, smaller particles enter the cyclone with hot air. The exhaust gas is discharged into the air after dust removal in a scrubber. The dryers can be divided into high, middle and low pressure spray dryers according to different pressures of atomization, while taking into account different flow fields, they are divided into co-current, fountain mode and counter-current spray dryers. 

1. High operational flexibility on non-adhesive or low-adhesive liquid materials.
2. Simple structure of the spray nozzle, easily used and maintained.
3. Less power consumption, low cost.
4. The hollow spherical product with big particles, good mobility and solubility.
5. Can be used to spray-cooling granulation process, such as paraffin, grease particles, special resins, etc.

Material to be dried:
Chemical industry: hydrated silica, concrete additives, barium sulfate, basic chromic sulfate, alumina, titania, kaolin, ferrite, statite, carbide, fertilizers, dyes, scouring agents, ACR assistants, latex, water purifiers, resins, plastics, cryolite. Food industry: dextrin, maltose, albumen powder, vitelline powder, compound sugar, granular grease, instant coffee, amylum, flavors, garden stuff. Dairy: skim milk powder, whole milk powder, soy milk powder, ice cream powder, milk extract powder, etc. Pharmaceutical industry: Chinese drugs and western medicine powders, antibiotics, biochemical products, vitamins, powdered pesticides, hydrolyzed protein, enzymes, single cell proteins, fishmeal waste liquid, feed, etc.

Technical Parameter:

Diameter of Tower(m)
Floor Area L×W (m×m)5×4.55.5×59×712×813×917×1218×1520×15
Height of Tower(m)79101617202225
Atomization StylePressure Nozzle Atomization
Air Temperature(℃)120~700
OthersHeat source: gas, steam, electricity, coal, oil




The spray-dried raw material liquid may be solution, emulsion, suspension, melt or paste liquid. The dried product may be in form of powder, granule, hollow sphere or cumularspharolith as needed. The atomizer that disperses the feed liquid into droplets is the key component of spray dryer. A pressure atomizer is used to obtain high pressure by a high-pressure pump. When the high-pressure liquid passes through the nozzle, the pressure energy is converted into kinetic energy and dispersed as droplets at a high-speed discharge. The hot air and atomized droplets undergo heat transfer and mass transfer processes, and the droplets are dehydrated and dried into powder, granule, hollow sphere or cumularspharolith. Due to the fast heat transfer and mass transfer in the tower, it is especially suitable for drying of heat sensitive materials and has better heat transfer efficiency.