Rotary Dryer

Working Principle:
Based on the structure of the traditional rotary drum dryer, the self-cleaning rotary dryer is equipped with a self-cleaning device on the chamber. When material of high moisture content and viscosity enters the rotary drum dryer, it is repeatedly lifted, mixed and dried along with the drum rotations. At the same time, the self-cleaning device cleans the inside wall automatically, and effectively prevents the material against sticking on to the wall. Finally product achieves the required moisture content and is discharged from the rotary drum dryer. The fine powder carried by the hot air and is collected by the dust collector. The purified exhaust gas is dispersed in the air. 


1. Large drying capacity.
2. Continuous, steady operation.
3. Adjustable rotating speed fitting the requirements of different materials.
4. According to different material characteristic, it chooses different inner structure to meet drying requirement of the materials.
5. Effective prevention of the material against sticking on the wall; an ideal system for drying of material with high moisture content and viscosity.

Material to be dried: 
Chlorine chloride, arenaceous quartz, potassium chloride, potassium sulfate, solid grain stillage, beer waste, alcohol waste, antibiotic waste, pericarp, soy sauce dregs, bagasse, guano, bean cake, organic compound fertilizer, grass carbon, chicken dung; active sludge: sewage disposal slurry, beer slurry, sugar-refinery sludge, aquatic product wastes, food factory wastes, slaughterhouse wastes; abioslurry: cake, argil, lime slurry, ore slurry, phosphorite waste, aluminum factory red mud. 

Technical Parameter:

SpecificationLength of the drum(m)Evaporative capability(kgH2o/h)Highest inlettemperature(℃)Speed (r/min)Slope (%)




Rotary dryer is a kind of drying equipment for processing large quantities of materials. It has characteristics of reliable operation, large operation flexibility, strong adaptability, large processing capacity, strong adaptability of materials, drying of various materials. It is widely used in building materials, metallurgy, chemical, cement industry to dry slag limestone, coal powder, slag, clay and other materials.