Shandong Research Center for Advanced Energy-saving Drying Engineering Technology

Shandong Research Center for Advanced Energy-saving Drying Engineering Technology was established in 2006 under the approval of the Department of Science and Technology of Shandong Province and upgraded to a provincial demonstration engineering technology research center in 2015. The main construction site is in the Eastern District of Shandong Academy of Sciences with an area of 300 square meters of office space, 400 square meters of research and development site and 1000 square meters of pilot site. Covering an area of 6000 square meters, the production site is located in Zhangqiu Economic Development Zone. The center is composed of R&D Department, Business Department, Designing Institute, Product Realization Department , Management Department and Engineering Laboratory, etc.  Among the research team, there are 63 full-time employees, of whom 90% are senior and middle-level technicians. All the employees have bachelor or higher degree and 56 have PhD or Master degree. There are the posts of Taishan Scholars and the largest drying technology laboratory with complete testing, analysis, testing means and process equipment. It can not only meet the important scientific research tasks of national and provincial level, but also provide the society with drying test of the relevant materials and a reliable basis for equipment selection, system optimization design and debugging.

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