Shandong Provincial Engineering Laboratory for Sludge Safe Disposal and Reclamation

Shandong Provincial Engineering Laboratory for Sludge Safe Disposal and Reclamation was established under the approval of the Development and Reform Commission of Shandong Province in 2017. The competent authority of this laboratory is Shandong Academy of Sciences, which has advanced research institutions, and provides excellent experimental platform and technical support for all kinds of laboratory research. In the past five years, the company has invested 2 million RMB yuan. In view of the characteristics of sludge in China, the laboratory can effectively treat and dispose the sludge,improve the rate of reclamation to reduce the secondary pollution caused by the disorderly discharge of sludge. Research and development of low-energy municipal sludge deep drying, self-balanced sludge incineration, dynamic high-temperature aerobic fermentation, indirect sludge pyrolysis technology and equipment with external heat rotation are mainly carried out.

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