Paddle Dryer for Chemical Sludge Drying of China National Salt Industry Corporation Delivered Succefully

Since the outbreak of the COVID-19, Shandong Tianli Energy Co., Ltd. has worked hard to overcome all the difficulties and actively resume work and production. Recently, the paddle dryer for chemical sludge of Kunshan Company, China National Salt Industry Corporation was successfully delivered.

This project adopts chemical sludge mixed-burning power generation technology, and uses the steam generated in the power plant as the heat source to dry the chemical sludge of the plant to achieve complete reduction and resource utilization of sludge.

Through the preliminary feasibility study and a large number of engineering case verifications, Tianli Energy's sludge paddle dryer has great advantages in energy saving and environmental protection. The boiler steam of the power plant is used as the heat source, no additional heat source equipment is needed; the paddle dryer is a high-performance and reliable “knock-out product” of Tianli Energy; the exhaust gas treatment system is optimized and integrated into the power plant boiler exhaust gas treatment system, without exhaust emissions, no odor, and no environmental pollution.

In addition, according to the site conditions of customer, a variety of sludge treatment technical process can be used, such as power plant boiler mixed-burning technical process, sludge self-incineration technical process, steam rotary drying, large disc drying and other indirect drying technical process. They can provide reliable and targeted technical processes for municipal sludge, chemical sludge, printing and dyeing sludge and other types of industrial sludge, which also have a large number of mature application cases in relevant industries.

The progress of each project contracted by Tianli Energy has been carried out in an orderly manner according to the established arrangements. Customers highly appreciate the efficient production and high-quality service that Tianli Energy offered during the COVID-19 outbreak. All the employees of Tianli Energy work together to fight against the outbreak with strong confidence and scientific methods while promoting the high-quality development of company.