PVC Drying Equipment by Tianli Energy Put Into Production in Yunnan

The 100,000-ton/year PVC drying system designed and manufactured by Shandong Tianli Energy Co., Ltd. for Kunming Yunneng Chemical Co., Ltd. was officially put into operation on July 2, 2019, achieving continuous operation and various design parameters meeting design requirements.

The PVC drying project is the key energy-saving renovation project of Kunming Yunneng Chemical Co., Ltd., replacing the original cyclone drying system with the internal heated fluidized bed drying system manufactured by Tianli Company, reducing the energy consumption of the PVC production system, and the finished product meets the requirements of national emission standards and greatly increased the production of PVC.

During the commissioning process of the drying system of the project, there are problems such as the renovation and relocation of old equipment such as centrifuges, cyclones, blowers, etc., as well as difficulties such as large engineering quantity, tight construction period, complicated procedures, narrow space, and many operational teams. Tianli Company actively cooperates with the owners to analyze and find the weak links in construction management, formulates task graph, timetables, implement a series of measures including daily transfer of construction tasks, technical risk disclosure, and joint confirmation of safety measures to ensure the safe and stable operation of the original equipment and the safe construction of the project.

At present, many PVC manufacturers in China still use cyclone drying system. Compared with fluidized bed drying system, this system has higher energy consumption. Tianli's internal heated fluidized bed drying system has many successful cases in the PVC industry. The successful implementation of the replacement of cyclone drying system by fluidized bed drying system in the PVC industry of Kunming Yunneng Chemical has important reference value for the subsequent energy-saving renovation of related enterprises.