New type energy-saving and environmentally-friendly carbon black drying technology

Carbon black is the product of incomplete combustion or thermal ecomposition of gaseous or liquid hydrocarbons in the case of insufficient air. The main component is the element carbon, contains a small amount of hydrogen, oxygen, sulfur and ash, etc. Carbon black is a existence form of carbon element, and the basic particle size is mostly between 10-100nm. Carbon black is an indispensable raw material for the rubber industry. Because carbon black can improve the wear resistance of the tire surface, greatly increase the tire mileage, and also improve the physical properties of the rubber such as tensile strength and tear strength, carbon black is widely used in the manufacture of various types of tires and other rubber products. The carbon black industry is of great significance to the development of automobile industry and the improvement of residents' life.

The new type energy-saving and environmentally-friendly carbon black drying equipment and technology of wet granulation carbon black industry is intended to adopt indirect steam rotary dryer. The main body is a rotary cylinder, arranged with heating tubes penetrating through the inside of the dryer. Steam is passed into the tubes to provide the heat required for drying. The wet granulated carbon black material to be dried is fed into the dryer by the feeder. As the cylinder rotates, the material is lifted and sprinkled by the heating tubes and dried by various heat exchange methods such as convection, conduction, and radiation. The material moves from the higher end to the lower end with the aid of the inclination of the dryer, and finally is discharged by the discharge valve at the end of the dryer. The moisture removed by drying is carried by the moisture-carrying gas and discharged out of the dryer under the action of induced draft fan.

Material Flow: The wet material from the previous wet granulation section of carbon black is transported to the dryer through the feeder. Inside the dryer, the wet material and heating tubes conduct mass and heat transfer movement. The moisture of the wet material is heated and evaporated, and the temperature gradually rises after the material is dried. At the discharge port of the dryer, the material is dried to the rated value and falls into the discharge hood. The dried carbon black particles are transported to the next stage through the discharge valve and conveying device.

The new type energy-saving and environmentally-friendly carbon black drying equipment and technology of wet granulation carbon black industry adopts low-temperature drying process and clean energy as the heat source. It eliminates the emission of soot, NOx, SO2 and other pollutants generated by the traditional drying process, eliminates the secondary pollution to the atmosphere, and has good environmental protection benefit.

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