Laboratory for Energy Saving Technology Engineering of Drying Process

Shandong Key Laboratory for Energy Saving Technology engineering of Drying Process was established in 2011 under the approval of the Department of Science and Technology of Shandong Province and mainly engaged in advanced energy-saving and emission-reduction technologies. It has formed a certain experimental research capability based on the drying technology. It has the largest drying key laboratory in Shandong Province with 4,000 square meters and the management norms for instruments and equipment. The research direction of energy saving in drying process mainly includes advanced combustion technology, advanced drying technology and equipment and waste heat recovery technology of tail gas. Relying on and utilizing the advantages in drying technology and drying equipment manufacturing, the laboratory has focused on developing combined intelligent and efficient environment-friendly drying equipment and drying system technology and developed integrated drying equipment with high efficiency and low pollution, focusing on chemical, petrochemical, electric, food, grain, medicine and other industries, which have the greatest market demand. Breakthrough has been made in several fields such as energy saving and emission reduction in drying technology, localization of large-scale drying equipment and advanced new drying technology.

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