Application of Bag Filter

With the development of bag filter technology and the increasing requirements of environmental protection, the application range of bag filter is becoming more and more extensive. At present, bag filter can be used to deal with exhaust gas of high temperature, high humidity, adhesion, explosiveness and abrasiveness. It can be even used to filter air containing ultra-fine dust. 


The working principle of the bag filter is as follows:


The dusty gas enters the filter chamber from the open flange, and the coarse particles fall directly into the ash bin. The dusty gas is filtered by the filter bag, the dust is retained on the bag surface. The clean gas passes through the bag mouth to the clean room, then it is discharged into the atmosphere by the draught fan. When the dust on the surface of the filter bag continues to increase, the program controller starts to work, and the pulse valves are opened one by one to make the compressed air blow through the nozzle to clean the filter bag, which causes the filter bag to expand suddenly. The dust on the surface of the filter bag quickly leaves the filter bag and falls into the ash bin, and the dust is discharged by the ash discharge valve.    


The bag filter has the following advantages:


1. High dust removal efficiency, which is generally higher than 99%. It can be used in occasions with high purification requirements;

2. Strong adaptability. It can collect various types of dust, and does not affect the dust removal efficiency due to the nature of the dust. It has wide adaptability of different smoke concentration. The purification efficiency will not be affected when the inlet concentration or exhaust gas volume changes ;

3. Various specifications and flexible use. The air volume to be treated can be from several cubic meters to several million cubic meters per hour;

4. Easy to recycle materials, no secondary pollution such as wastewater pollution.


What you should pay attention to when use the bag filter:  


It is necessary to prevent the gas from cooling below the dew point in the bag room during use, especially when using the bag filter under negative pressure. Because the outer shell often leaks air, the bag temperature is lower than the dew point, the filter bag will be damp, so that the dust will be sticky to the filter bag and block the fabric eyelet, causing failure of ash cleaning. The pressure drop of the bag filter will be too large to be operated continuously, and some of the sticky bags cannot be used for dust removal, and may even be dangerous.

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